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If this is your first visit, Astral is intended to a be your one stop for anything to do with cigar box labels. Whether your buying, selling, pricing or acquiring knowledge we hope you enjoy the site and utlize all it has to offer.

Latest News - Check out the latest cigar label trends on the links in the red box located in the upper right corner of the price guide.

ASTRAL ONLINE PRICE GUIDE - The Astral Price Guide was last updated on 01/02/2014. The Price Guide is the most accurate up-to-date cigar label price guide available today! Cigar label selling prices are tracked daily and published online every 3 months. The Astral Price Guide is now tracking 23,372 label titles label titles with 15 new titles being added daily. Cigar label prices, which were once only best guesses, are now based on the latest selling prices from Astral and other major auction sites. We have also started to track sold GCLGS labels and will be updating the prices in the Astral Price Guide. The GCLGS Graded Labels will be Hi-lited in blue to distinguish them from the non-graded labels. The GCLGS grade will be indicated at the end of the description. In addition, at the top right corner of the Price Guide a new tab will be availbale to take you to the GCLGS Market sheet for further analysis of GCLGS prices. If a price is bolded, we have actually seen the cigar label sell for the book price listed. However, remember it is still only a guide. The real price is always what a seller and buyer feels comfortable with.

Please visit the 'Cigar Label Forum'. The Cigar Label Forum is dedicated to sharing knowledge and bringing the cigar label community closer together.

ASTRAL AS A RESOURCE - Astral has reached over 11 million vistor accesses. Whether your buying, selling, or pricing Cigar Box Labels, Astral can assist you. Astral sellers have listed many hard to find labels that you will not find on e-bay or other major auction sites. In addition, Astral has over a quarter million dollars of cigar box labels in its "Wanted" section waiting to be filled.

INVESTMENT RESEARCH FEATURES - Residing on the members home page are investment research features: Every 3 month period the # of active cigar labels are tracked from ASTRAL, e-bay and other auction sites. Trending charts include the '# of active' labels sold, '# of cigar labels up in price', 'hottest' labels sold, and 'rarest' labels sold.

MEMBERSHIP - Membership is free, so join now and add to your enjoyment of collecting and investing in cigar labels .

This wonderful Cigar Label website is designed to give the novice as well as the advanced dealer a hands-on tool in the exciting world of buying and selling original Vintage Labels.

LAST TRADE - This unique feature gives you an up to the minute price guide as labels are bought and sold.

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